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Ladder Inspection Form Provided by Werner Co. Company Name: Please Print Ladder Reference Number: Dept. Inspector Date. Stepladder Fiberglass Size Circle Areas of Damage Aluminum Steps: Extension
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Hello I'm Jose Ramos vice-president of safety and loss control at FFP a mutual we're committed to helping you improve safety procedures and practices to keep employees safe at work and reduce accidents hi I'm Karen Johnson senior safety consultant this short video covers why ladders are one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment in the workplace we're also going to cover the importance of ladder inspection checklist five areas to look for when inspecting a ladder and what to do with defective ladders be sure to stay tuned until the end for an easy tip to make your ladder safer at work and at home ladder safety is often take it for granted yet according to OSHA falls from portable ladders are one of the leading causes of occupational fatalities and injuries poor condition is among the top three causes of ladder accidents even though many employees use ladders every day most forget to inspect a ladder before they take that first step ladder inspection checklists are a valuable tool for documenting and record-keeping to download a ladder inspection template visit the safety toolkit page on our website if you haven't already designate a person to oversee your ladder safety program to be sure employees are completing inspections when inspecting a ladder here are five key areas to look at number one overall appearance make sure the ladder and metal parts are in good working condition in our free of brakes cracks dents sharp edges and splinters number two locking devices locking devices should be operable and attached at all points not bent number three manufacturer labels need to be visible if the labels are missing take the ladder out of service and request new labels from the manufacturer number for safety feet are off than overlooked be sure safety feet are not missing or damaged number five steps rungs and side rails should not be slippery bent loose or cracked if a ladder does not pass the safety inspection your company should have a policy that every defective ladder is tagged and taken out of service immediately employees should not put back try to repair or take home defective ladders and here's the quick ladder safety tip I promised you earlier number the ladder rungs in descending order this way employees don't need to look down and can reach the floor safely every time adhesive numbers are inexpensive and available at most hardware stores for more workplace safety tips visit the safety tab on our website or contact your safety consultant thanks for watching and staying safe at work with ffv a mutual